Saturday, October 4, 2014

New App to Allow for Halachically Permissible Creation of Halachically Problematic Apps

Two orthodox Jewish programmers saw a need. “There are a lot of frum Jews who want to create halachically problematic apps, but feel maligned by the community when they do so,” says “Ch,” (who wishes to remain anonymous).

“There are plenty of programmers who are helping facilitate for people do all types of issurim, but who is helping the programmers themselves?” adds his partner “Sh” (who also wishes to remain anonymous).

For this very purpose, Ch. and Sh. have created the “Moreh Heter App Creator” app, which, they claim, allows programmers to create their own problematic apps in a halachically preferable matter.

“The גרמא function, which enables a 5 second pause between uploading their app to the itunes or android store and its actual appearance there is only one of the features,” Sh. told us. “We also have the עיברי דנהרא  חד feature, which makes their app available in multiple versions so that they will not be עובר  on לפני עור.”

While Sh. and Ch. hope for some financial success from their app, they are primarily doing it to help those in need.
“All because someone wants to break halacha, “Ch. said, “is no reason to make them feel like they are breaking Halacha”.          

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